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All-In-One PPC Management Solutions for Amazon Ads
(Experts + AI)

Hey, we are team AdCanyon, the PPC Advertising Experts with AI-Driven Bid Optimization for Amazon Ads. 

We will deliver targeted campaigns, keyword research, bid optimization, and performance reports for all of your ASINs.
And, yes, for new ASINs too. 
So, what you say!  Hire us to add to your business strength. We are sure to be an asset.

AdCanyon is an Amazon Ads partner.

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Amazon, Amazon Ads, and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc., or its affiliates.

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Get Noticed. Drive Sales.
The Optimized Way.

We & AI will do All that matters for your Profit. All means All.

We offer an all-in-one solution​ for managing all that it takes to create, analyze and optimize your Amazon Ads. 

Use our AI-Driven Bid Optimization and PPC Managed Services in every part of your Amazon advertising journey.

We build targeted campaigns specific for each ASIN, do expert-driven keyword research, optimize bids using our proprietary AI-Driven tool, provide in-depth reports, and are available 24X7 for support, with dedicated AdCanyon's PPC experts for Amazon Ads and, in more profitable ways. 

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Get the Best Results for Your Amazon Advertising

​Optimize your advertsing spend and grow your sales with the Expert and AI-Driven PPC Management for Your Amazon Ads.

Get targeted campaigns based on Keywords that drive.

For us, Keyword is the King! We do not create one campaign with multiple ASINs, and with multiple keywords in it.  

We create multiple-segmented campaigns specific for each ASIN based on different classifications of consumer behavior-driven set of keywords. This takes the Amazon PPC strategy to a very high-level optimization and result-driven performance that can be analyzed and acted on very specifically.

All this is done by AdCanyon PPC Experts every day for your products. Let your sales soar high from strong performing keywords and save your Ad spend on the ones that are not converting.

Not just the manager, we will be responsible. Part of your team.

Don't go by just any applications that apply some formulas to trim your ad spend! They don't consider that different keywords and their ASINs have unique characteristics which need to be optimized differently for higher returns.

The profit-generating bid optimization application that we deploy will use an AI-Driven algorithm to analyze your performance, keyword, search terms, and conversion rate.


Our PPC campaign managers are dedicated to making day-to-day keyword-level, campaign-level, and ASIN-level bid adjustments to achieve the target ACoS.

Adcanyon All in Solution 854 x 544 (25).

Dedicated Account Manager for you to have 24X7 control.

Our expertise lies in Data-Science. We help you grow your income on Amazon and reduce the bad part of your Amazon advertising cost, on a note, we drive higher returns on your ad investment.

We know what it means when you have 100s of targeted campaigns for each ASIN with diverse focus keywords. The complexity of managing keyword bids to get the best return is our specialization. 

Together with AI-driven Bid Optimization, our dedicated PPC experts will help you reduce your advertising cost of sales (ACoS) and generate more profit.

DIY – Change the AI gears to Manual. Control your logic to optimize.

We understand that you will need your own decisions for specific ASINs implemented too! Be it because of new products or because of your special focus on an existing ASIN.

While AdCanyon's PPC Experts for Amazon Ads and our AI-Driven Bid Optimization application drive your business growth, you can also have the control in your hands for the specific ASINs or the whole account.

If not automated, our services also allow you to custom control your bid optimization. Increase or decrease your bids using your logic. Set minimum and maximum range for your Ad Spend, CPC, ACoS, and conversion rate, and try by yourself.

Adcanyon All in Solution 854 x 544 (29).

Drill-down Dashboards for all your Amazon Advertising insights. Everyday.

Being able to analyze deeply is what our strength lies in. That is only possible because of our AdCanyon AI-powered Smart PPC Management dashboard for Amazon Ads.

Get rid of the limitations of Data Management and Data Analysis on seller central for Amazon advertising as we provide automated reports and insights for you to quickly analyze in one click.

Get weekly insights that can help you improve your business focus by analyzing each ASIN performance.

Connect with us to see a sample. 

More Profit. More Revenue. 
& of course, Less Tension.

All that matters is what the returns are. What we deliver is all linked to returns and growth.

Being a business owner, you know how difficult it is to drive profit. And, to drive profit what if you have an expert team working with you just like a part of your team to deliver success.

And, all these experts, and technology cost you much lesser than the cost of a single employee that you would hire.


Of course, lesser tension can't be measured :)

Adcanyon All in Solution 854 x 544 (27).
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Grow Revenue.

Increase Profit.

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