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Leap into the Grand Canyon of Amazon Advertising with Adcanyon Blog

Welcome to the Adcanyon Blog!

Selling on Amazon is the most recent buzz in the e-commerce world. If you have the products, the greed to sell them, and wit to find a platform as Amazon Seller Central that is just a click away from buyers, you become an Amazon seller. But that is only the beginning.

Who will benefit from this blog?

Amazon sellers often face difficulties managing their advertising, PPC campaigns, ad spend, campaign creation, ACOS, keyword research, and bid optimization. The AdCanyon blog is here to help both newbies and established sellers stay on top of searches by providing easy guides to handling their Amazon ad campaigns.

What this blog will feature?

This blog is designed to cover everything related to Amazon PPC management. It will feature information on various ways to make the most of your Amazon advertising. The blog pieces will include:

  • Guidelines on remaining on top of the search in Amazon

  • Ways to improve your impressions

  • Ways to keep your ACoS low

  • Ways to maintain competitive pricing to keep winning the Buy Box

  • Guidelines on writing the most appropriate product page

  • Periodic updates on top-selling products on Amazon

  • How-to guides to writing top-notch product titles

  • Tips to convert a prospective customer into a buyer in a sales funnel

  • How-to pieces on creating sponsored brands

  • Tips on optimizing campaign bids

...and many more.

What else sellers can find here?

Additionally, this blog also presents any Amazon news to keep sellers updated about the company information that directly or indirectly affects them.

Get ready for the plunge

To know what Amazon advertising strategy AdCanyon offers to boost your PPC campaigns, visit the About Us page.

Take the first leap towards your PPC management—read our first blog on the 2021 checklist before you begin advertising on Amazon.

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Leap into the Grand Canyon of Amazon Advertising with Adcanyon Blog

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