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Signed up as Amazon Seller? What Next: Your 2021 Checklist to Amazon Advertising

Your inbox reads: You have successfully registered as a seller on Amazon, and you are a few steps away from selling online!

Woah, congratulations first, as you have created your Amazon Seller Central account and become the dream Amazon seller you always wanted to be. Now that your products are in place, you must be worried about sales, advertising, campaigns, ROI, PPC management, and the list goes on.

Before you begin advertising, Adcanyon experts advise making a checklist of three critical questions to clarify better how you will grow profit with the help of Amazon advertising.

1. Why do I want to advertise on Amazon—what is my goal?

Be clear about what are your advertising goals as that will determine your strategy. For example, if you want to increase sales, your advertising strategy should aim at getting more conversions—converting ad clicks into orders. Regularly tracking your Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS)­—calculated by dividing the total ad spend by total sales from advertising—helps decide bids that will keep your ACoS relatively low. A low ACoS would mean more conversions, and hence, you will succeed in driving more profit through advertising.

Similarly, your advertising strategy will differ if making your brand presence big is your goal. For this, you should target getting more impressions, which is the number of times your ad shows up in the Amazon search results. You can achieve this goal by selecting keywords in your campaigns effectively and setting higher cost-per-click (CPC) bids.

2. Which products should I advertise on Amazon?

You may have several products in mind but when it comes to advertising, decide wisely. Choose the right products to accomplish your advertising goals. Suitable products for advertising are the products:

  • That have competitive pricing

  • That are available (not out of stock)

  • That are getting maximum visits

  • That are in the Buy Box­—the call to action area on the right of the product having the button “Add to Cart.” A Buy Box ups the chances of converting an ad click into a sale.

(Read AdCanyon’s blog on how to find out which products are winning the Buy Box here.)

ASINs with 90% or higher Buy Box percentage and a higher number of visits to the product detail page are highly recommended as such ASINs are your most frequently viewed ASINs. To find out your most-visited products on Amazon,

· In your Seller Central account, go to the ‘Reports’ tab.

· Click on ‘Business Reports.’

· Under the section labeled ‘By ASIN,’ click on ‘Detail Page Sales and Traffic by Child Item.’

· Sort by ‘Page Views.’

3. Is my Amazon product page ready?

Probably the most important question you should ask yourself as a seller before starting to advertise. Now that you have found your product for advertising, do a quick check on the product page. Your product page should have all the required details as per Amazon parameters. Make sure your product page has the following details in place:

  • Images: High quality, magnifiable, clear images (yes, not just one image) are the first things first to attract visitors. If you provide images from every possible angle, you are on your way to winning!

  • Product Title: Your product title should be accurate to the product’s deliverables. Descriptive titles are mandatory but should be concise (Amazon recommends fewer than 80 characters).

  • Product information: Offer information that is relevant, useful, and reflects the product’s USP. Make sure to include at least five bullet points covering all the relevant details.

  • Search terms metadata: These make your products easier to be found on Amazon. Search terms metadata should describe your product concisely and accurately and should contain words (keywords) used by customers when they search.

Make your checklist to advertising complete and let the shoppers find your products in a single search. Phew!

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